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December, 2021

-- End #CRT for RI Kids (1 Dec 2021; email from stopschoolindoctrinationnow.com)

We are going to have a meeting of Anti-CRT folks on Wednesday, December 1st at 7:00PM at the Club Frontenac in West Warwick. It will be a roundtable format with seasoned leaders leading the discussion in hopes of getting everyone informed with the tools they need to be effective, Hope you can come.

This event is sponsored/hosted by Rep. Patricia Morgan and the stopschoolindoctrinationnow.com of RI organization.


Here may be a great opportunity for concerned citizens to rally with others AGAINST CRITICAL RACE THEORY (CRT) in our schools. This is POISON to our children/grand-children and SHOULD NOT be present in our public schools…PERIOD. If you or your organization (or perhaps others that you may know?) have a stake in this fight, then please consider attending to learn more and engage with others doing the same. We can’t beat the RACISTS and HATE-MONGERS by working alone…we need the support and the common voice of others doing the same. This may be just the opportunity that this fight needs.

Thank you for considering this event. The more folks that help with the fight, the better off RI and our families will be, moving forward. Please pass this along to others that are in your circles so that they, too, are aware.