Our Platform

  • Support the U.S. Constitution and the Rhode Island Constitution

    • We are a nation of laws - require enforcement of the laws on the books

  • Instill a sense of PATRIOTISM and COMMUNITY back into Warwick politics

  • Require BALANCED GOVERNMENT - BOTH Parties get representation

  • We The People ARE the Government and determine government policy – the government does not set policy for us

  • Advocating for safe, honest, and verified elections - INTEGRITY MATTERS

  • Do No Harm - do ONLY good work and do it for ALL Warwick citizens

  • Require our elected officials and their appointed directors to stay IN BUDGET - spend only what Warwick has and only on what Warwick Needs

  • Require our elected officials to cut wasteful spending – be good stewards of taxpayer money

  • Demand the Significant reduction in Red Tape - make government helpful, transparent, and accessible

  • Do what we say we'll do - success through ACTION

  • Hold ourselves accountable - LISTEN TO YOU, OUR CONSTITUENTS

  • Be FAIR - learn to just say NO sometimes

We believe in our platform and that with your support, Warwick, we can deliver on our promises.

The WRCC wants a better future for Warwick that can only be realized through:

  • solutions, not promises;

  • through actions, not words;

  • and by listening to, not ignoring our constituents.

YOU are Warwick and WE are YOU!